Coverage for Acts of Terrorism

Insurance to protect your business against Acts of Terrorism

Is your business covered in the event of an act of terrorism? Prior to September 11, 2011, commercial insurers included terrorism coverage without extra costs. After 9/11, insurers realized the catastrophic exposures associated with terrorist attacks. Coordinating with the Federal Government, terrorism coverage, with limitations, is available only with an additional premium.

If the Secretary of the Treasury certifies that an event is an act of terrorism, standard commercial insurance no longer covers losses. The only way to recoup these losses is to have the special endorsement for terrorism.

Injuries to employees as a result of terrorist acts are covered under your Workers’ Compensation insurance.

For most businesses in Maine, terrorism coverage is relatively inexpensive. Talk with your agent about the best coverage for your business situation.

You should fully understand the risks your business faces, whether from terrorism, weather, or other situations. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your insurance coverage and needs. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-800-734-2333.