Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation protects your employees and your business!

Don’t let an employee’s job-related injury also hurt your business unnecessarily.

Workers' compensation insurance from United Insurance provides financial support for your employees if they are injured on the job. Don’t risk a potentially devastating financial loss. Talk with a United Insurance agent today and learn more about the variety of insurance carriers that provide workers' comp insurance.

Don’t go it alone.

Not only will workers' compensation insurance cover the cost of medical treatment for employees injured on the job, it also provides disability income should the employee require time off because of the injury. These types of expenses could potentially cost your business thousands of dollars. Don’t try to go it alone.

If your business is seasonal, there is a payment option that aligns your workers' compensation policy with your business trends.  Ask us how we can help manage your workers' compensation costs.

We understand that your business is also an investment and we will work with you to help protect that investment. There are lots of options out there and determining the right amount of coverage can sometimes be confusing. We can help

Unlike most national carriers, your local United Insurance agent has access to multiple carriers and the experience to help you find the best rates and the right amount of coverage for your type of work.

How much do I need?

Maine state law requires that most public and private employers carry some workers' compensation coverage, but the amount of coverage is really up to the individual business owner.

Different types of work have different amounts of risk associated with them – and higher risks often result in higher rates. For example, a welder working with heavy equipment and potentially toxic substances has a higher risk of being injured on the job compared with someone who works in an office environment.

For this reason, insurance rates do vary by industry classification and are established each year by MEMIC (Maine Employer’s Mutual Insurance Company). Rates can also vary between different insurance carriers and many insurers offer different rate levels based on the employers injury prevention plan or claims record.

Whether you are starting a new business venture or just looking for someone to take a fresh look at your current plan, United Insurance can help build a workers' compensation policy that’s just right for you and your business.


To learn more, find an office near you or to request a quote, call 1.800.734.2333. 

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