Disability Insurance

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Hard working, loyal employees are the backbone of any business. Savvy business owners understand the value of creating a safe, secure working environment that allows their employees to focus on simply doing their jobs well.

This peace of mind can also be achieved by providing employees with the resources they need to survive financially from the loss of income following a debilitating injury.

Disability Insurance from United Insurance provides your employees with a financial safety net that allows them to continue meeting their financial obligations while they recover or rehabilitate, should they become injured and unable to continue working.

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Helping you help your employees.

Working with many of the top independent insurance carriers from throughout New England, United Insurance can help you find the right coverage plan for your employees. Today, there are many different disability policies and options available and you can trust United Insurance to help you determine which one makes the most sense for your company to offer.

Some of the variables to consider when establishing a disability insurance program for your company include:

  • Determining the monthly benefit
  • Defining disability 
  • Establishing the benefit term
  • Setting the waiting period
  • Adding riders 
  • The Social Security Offset
  • Purchasing additional coverage

The likelihood that one of your employees may become injured and unable to continue working is greater than you may think – and the risk increases as your employees age.

That’s one reason why, in many ways, disability insurance can actually be of much greater value than life insurance to an employee and their family.

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