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09/09/2020 - General News

Everyone’s vacation plans may have been thrown out the window this summer, but that doesn’t mean people didn’t find new ways to have fun and stay busy.

For many New Englanders, the best way to enjoy summer is to get outside.  Lots of people bought new outdoor toys as a way to adapt to this unexpected summer.  Perhaps you bought MORE

08/27/2020 - General News

For many businesses, working from home is the norm for the foreseeable future.  To accommodate employees in the new arrangement, office equipment such as desktop computers, standing desks, and office chairs have moved to the home as well.  While this new arrangement is necessary for public health concerns, MORE

07/24/2020 - General News


United Insurance Recognized for Exceptional Customer Commitment

and Service


06/26/2020 - General News

United Insurance President/CEO Chris Condon, and his wife Denise, approached ACOG’s Executive Director, Jennifer Roe, in the fall of 2019 with the desire to provide financial assistance to students wanting to pursue a post-secondary education, but who had limited resources available. 


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