08/01/2019 - Tips

There’s been some noise brought to the words share and parenting in recent years. In fact, there’s been so much attention that some have coined the term sharenting. Sharenting is directly associated with parents who share too much information on social media. There is a growing concern about whether or not it’s safe and/or appropriate for a child to have a digital footprint before taking his/her first baby steps. MORE

02/14/2018 - Tips

We all know what ice is, and what a dam is, but how about an ice dam? Understanding the anatomy of an ice dam can be the difference between a homeowner who’s happily dry in their home, and a homeowner who’s stuck holding a pot under a leaky roof. Ice dam is the term used to describe a buildup of ice on the edge of a roof, preventing snowmelt from running off the roof. Ice dams are notorious for causing damage to roof shingles, gutters, exterior MORE

10/23/2017 - Tips

On September 7th, Equifax announced a data breach that may affect 143 million consumers.  Security experts are saying it could be one of the worst data breaches ever. Congress will hold hearings. Attorneys General will launch investigations to levy fines and penalties. The public demands action.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to watch the news and think that a breach could never happen to your business – you don’t store MORE

10/16/2017 - Tips


Business today is unlike business yesterday. Your files are stored in the cloud rather than a cabinet. You map your delivery route with GPS, instead of an atlas. And much of your communication, research, purchasing, and payments are all performed using the internet rather than phones, books, and checks. 

New technologies make your business more efficient, but they also have the potential to create new liabilities. This is because your MORE

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