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Portland, ME

Tel: (207) 797-9400
Fax: (207) 523-8057


United Insurance. At home in Portland, Maine.

United Insurance delivers custom insurance solutions to help protect the people of New England and the businesses they depend on.

Backed by the combined strength and flexibility of a select group of specialized, top rated, independent insurance carriers, each one of our 15 local United Insurance locations is deeply rooted in the communities we serve.

Questions? Please call, click or just stop by for a visit. Chances are, you’ll find a familiar face that’s ready to help.

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Scott Kent

Chief Operating Officer,

Tim McGonagle - resized for web-1c9e49d1aae363545d50f06c05c56ea9.jpg
Timothy McGonagle

Senior Vice President,
Agency Manager,
Account Executive

McCurry, Jennifer-4d9f9e2defb6f0ba99f15313a95f2f56.jpg
Jennifer McCurry

Agency Manager,
Vice President

Carol Clark - resized for web-3606beecf4ebe0d798f18de585859c9e.jpg
Carol Clark

Director of Marketing,
Office Manager

Duval, Jason-10ad97b56e9af101fe766026f5407aed.jpg
Jason Duval

Senior Account Executive

Amanda Farrah-c0f4caf85bc25b4282a5930cff790b34.jpg
Amanda Farrah

Account Executive

Zelasko, Celeste NEW-d9026b354920f4982080826433e84104.jpg
Celeste Zelasko

Account Executive

Erik Casparius - resized-84d731608625b2fd5b4c4c388f353360.jpg
Erik Casparius

Account Executive

Bergeron, Gerard-3a11f600f04c88f06be449e54a4f0b66.jpg
Gerard Bergeron

Account Executive

Murphy, Justin-843edb80c3373c499c8cf6996edce0e9.jpg
Justin Murphy

Commercial Lines Team Leader

Laliberte, Kim - resized-3f6d2a003179756d6f18751138e2c767.jpg
Kim Laliberte

Personal Lines Team Leader

Lisa Thayer - resized for web-a14d06471d3dd6c2fc3af300fa7272d3.jpg
Lisa Thayer

Personal Lines Team Leader

Erinn Tardiff - resized for web-393104bb317a6dbf07b7a6480e9e9c84.jpg
Erinn Tardiff

Commercial Lines Account Manager - Small Business

Buck, Clarissa-57ba9ed11a00f75429abf2fc39a90f99.jpg
Clarissa Buck

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Jane Delponte - resized for web-0b5fe720214e98af603375389750a85f.jpg
Jane Delponte

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Jewett, Ann-6f613d3d8cdf7d965bfdb8432cd5babe.jpg
Ann Jewett

Personal Lines Account Manager

Calley Warren

Personal Lines Account Manager

Deb DiMillo - resized for web-87faa7f388f874a3aabbe4b80d5683c7.jpg
Deborah DiMillo

Personal Lines Account Manager

Thomas, Kristen-9e1e23459c51924ecf12e82ae80db681.jpg
Kristen Thomas

Personal Lines Account Manager

Hutchins, Margaret-360577d8842bd94ec22c52c0e4e1e90c.jpg
Margaret Hutchins

Personal Lines Account Manager

KC--Melanie Weathers-----5x7----9A6464-cc3eb97f8623aaae02aa99620ada83aa.jpg
Melani Weathers

Personal Lines Account Manager

Varney, Jennifer-459c8f028b6124105404750fa26437e2.jpg
Jennifer Varney

Account Manager

VerCauteren, Autumn-bf7e8d086432a525a7ce82cb1b200663.jpg
Autumn Ver Cauteren

Claims Manager