04/27/2017 - General News

We all know texting while driving is a bad idea, both from a safety and a legal perspective. Most of us know we can easily put our phones down and wait until we get to our destination to check them. What we cannot control is what other people do. But when these “other drivers” are your employees we can and should reinforce why it’s important to drive safely and responsibly. Doing so could save a life and spare your business from potential lawsuits.

Here are some helpful steps you can take to protect your employees, your community members, and your business when it comes to distracted driving:


Establish a Company Policy

Create a company-wide policy on distracted driving and make sure all employees read the policy, understand what it says, and sign a document stating so. We suggest having a zero-tolerance policy, especially if your employees use company cell phones.

In your policy, include a list of statistics associated with distracted driving. Here are some examples:

  • In 2015, 3,477 people were killed by distracted driving related accidents.
  • In the same year, distracted driving caused injuries to 391,000 people.
  • 660,000 drivers are using their cell phones while driving during daylight hours.


Rinse and Repeat, but Differently

There is an old adage that people need to hear or see a message seven times before they will take action. Basically, the more frequently you see a message, the easier it is to remember and the more likely you will be to act on it. Find ways to communicate with your employees about distracted driving on a regular basis.

Repeating the same message in the same format over and over will quickly become boring. Make sure you deliver your message in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Host distracted driving awareness events.
  • Use brochures, videos, and a variety of other media. 
  • Focus on a variety of messages when discussing repercussions: financial loss, injury, jail time.


Make Sure You Are Covered

Though you can’t control your employees’ actions 100%, you can take steps to better protect you and your business from the consequences of their potential distracted driving. Call your United Insurance agent to help you get the coverage you need in the event of these distracted driving scenarios:

Call us today at 1-800-734-2333 to figure out what you can do about distracted driving in your business.