09/18/2018 - General News

Insurance needs change as your business changes. To protect your business, review your insurance policy to reveal any exposure to risk or identify areas that require less coverage.

A few key areas where changes would affect your business policy are:

Changes in Property or Inventory Levels

  • Increases or decreases in inventory, office moves, expanded manufacturing plants or changes in machinery and equipment are a few of the elements that would affect your insurance.

Changes in Staff

  • Have you have added employees or started using sub-contractors?  Your Workers’ Compensation insurance may need to be updated. Also, know your legal liabilities to sub-contractors.  As an example, you may be liable for any injuries that occur to sub-contractors while working for you. 

Business Income Coverage

  • If your business is forced to temporarily close due to events out of your control like fire, flood or theft, business income insurance may help cover loss of revenue.  A review of Business Income Insurance will determine if your business is adequately covered from an unexpected short-term closure.

Protect your business.  A simple review with your United Insurance agent will provide a risk management strategy that lines up with a policy for these and all other key areas of your business. Give yourself peace of mind so you may continue to focus on the business decisions that set your business apart from the competition.


Do you ever think back to when you were just starting out and were not always sure where to look for expert help?  If you have friends or acquaintances that are new to the entrepreneurial world, please consider sharing the First Business Info video. This short video provides basic business insurance information that all business owners should consider when protecting their business.