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Neighbors helping neighbors – The way insurance should be.

When choosing an insurance agency to help protect your home, auto, or business, who would you rather rely on? A group of strangers in a call center or a team of local, experienced insurance professionals willing to take the time to understand what makes you and your insurance needs unique? An agent that may actually live right in your neighborhood or someone that may have never actually seen snow...let alone know how to build an insurance policy to help protect your home, camp or car from all that a New England Nor' Easter brings with it?

Whether you are celebrating a change, planning for the future or trying to recover from an unexpected loss, United Insurance is the local company that you can depend on to always be there. With strong ties and deep roots in each of the communities we serve, our priority is helping you protect what matters most to you.

If the time comes to file a claim, our customers don't nervously search for an 800 number and hope for the best. Many simply reach for their kids' soccer roster, send a text message, or call their agents' cell phone directly. When there's an emergency, our agents are not just a phone call away. Many times, they are already there – ready to roll up their sleeves and help you move forward. We live where you live. We build stronger communities.


Let's Put Some Cash Back in Your Pocket

Let’s talk about saving you some money! We care about protecting your budget as well as your property and one of the best ways to do that is to combine all of your policies with us. Do you own more than one automobile? Do you have both an auto and a home insurance policy? Combining your policies can lead to big savings!

Additional ways to save:

▪       Register for electronic payments.
▪       Pay your annual premium up front.
▪       Drive safely! At-fault accidents and tickets can cause your premium to go up.
▪       If you have a home security system you may qualify for a discount.
▪       Have a valid, student ID to take advantage of student discounts.
▪       Combine all vehicles on one policy.
▪       Install protective devices in your automobile. 


Added Benefits:

Besides big savings, combining your policies has other advantages. Working with one agent for all your policies saves you time because we will be able to answer any questions you have with a single call. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your combined policies have been selected specifically for you, providing you with the coverage you require – no more and no less.

Call us today to learn how you can Get United and save!


Insurance for:
Auto. Home. Motorcycle. Recreational Vehicle.
Watercraft. Umbrella. Renters & Condominium Owners. Life.