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Homeowners Insurance – Peace of Mind for Your Piece of the Pie

With strong ties and a deep understanding of the many communities we serve, our priority is helping you protect what matters most to you. Unlike a national carrier, our team of experienced insurance professionals has access to dozens of different carriers and hundreds of products to carefully craft a policy to match your needs.

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Strong communities, the backbone of life in New England, are not simply born that way. They are made from generations of friends and neighbors working together to overcome obstacles and plow through the challenges of life.

At United Insurance, we provide the fuel that powers this resiliency. Should your home be damaged or destroyed by flood or fire, wind or weather, we’ll be there to help you through the claims process, recover, and rebuild. Often, our agents are not just a phone call away – they are already there, ready to get to work for you.

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Protection from property loss and liability

Homeowners insurance not only helps protect your home and your possessions against damage or loss, it can also protect you from suffering a substantial financial loss should someone accidently become injured while on your property.

Our agents take the time to listen and learn about your unique needs and will ask the right questions to help identify what matters most to you and your family. Through our network of specialized carriers, we can also work with you to identify and fix any potential gaps in your existing coverage.

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