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Maine and New Hampshire Wedding Insurance Products

Before Your Wedding — Marry Insurances

You've waited your whole life for this day and now it's here. You've saved, sacrificed, and lost sleep. All that's left is to say "I do" to insuring the unexpected. We're here to help you understand the best options to insure all aspects of your new marriage. Our team of experienced insurance specialists will help you consolidate, save, and protect the things that matter. Here, we've listed some insurances to consider before the big day.  
Wedding Rings Coverage
Protect against any loss or damage to engagement rings or wedding bands.
Wedding Postponement/Cancellation Coverage
In the case that the unthinkable occurs with weather or vendors, protect your financial investment.
Additional event coverage is also available.
Renters Insurance 
To ensure that both you and your spouse have coverage over your personal items, both names will need to be added to your renters policy. 
Combining Renters and Auto Insurance or Home and Auto Insurance
Ask one of our insurance specialists if bundling is the best option for you.
Life Insurance
Rest easier knowing that your family will be finanically secure in the case of an unlikely casualty. Life insurance can offset private student loan debt, medical bills, car loans, as well as other personal debts.
 Whatever you want to protect for your wedding, United Insurance is here to carefully craft the right policy. 
To learn more, request a quote or call us at 1.800.734.2333.
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