Business Insurance

At United Insurance, we understand that every business is different.


Even businesses that are in the same industry face a unique set of business challenges and opportunities based on where they operate, who they serve, what level of risk they are comfortable with and what they plan to do with the business in ten or twenty years.

No cookie cutters here – United Insurance delivers custom insurance solutions for businesses both big and small.

While the big national insurance carriers are often limited to rates and policies dictated by a single provider, United Insurance commercial account managers have the flexibility to work with a wide variety of regional and nationally recognized insurance carriers. Beyond blindly recommending mandated minimums, our agents work to carefully craft personalized coverage options based on a common sense risk management analysis and real world experience.

We'll work to find gaps in your coverage and potential discounts that apply to your policies. This includes:

Give us a call and let's take a closer look at your business insurance policies.


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