Proposed Workers' Comp Legislation

Please read: A vote on Tuesday, could raise your Workers' Comp rates up to 20%.

Yesterday, May 23rd,  the Labor and Housing Committee of the Maine Legislature rejected a carefully negotiated workers' compensation compromise supported by Governor Mills.  The compromise does address several reasonable issues that should be addressed and is by far the best outcome under the circumstances.

By rejecting the compromise and instead passing a far more onerous bill by an 8-4 vote, the Labor and Housing Committee's decision will significantly increasethe cost of workers' compensation costs for you.  Instead of an estimated increase in the low single digits negotiated in the compromise, the committee voted a bill that increase costs by an estimated 10% and 20%.

In addition, the compromise we supported included a pledge by the Governor to entertain no further substantive workers' compensation legislation during her administration unless it had bi-partisan consensus.

 Because the Legislature is on a fast track to move this legislation forward, we are asking that you call or email your state senator and representative today or this weekend to discuss.  And if you agree, respectfully ask that they support the original compromise. If the compromise fails, Maine's ranking for the cost of workers' compensation insurance will likely return to the top ten most expensive in the country.

To find the contact information for your representatives, please click on the following links:




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